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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

This webpage contains a collection of answers to the most commonly asked questions about our products, services and Corner Oaks Group's expertise.

If our FAQ page fails to answer what you are looking to find out, please feel free to get in touch with us. To learn more asked our Expertise


Why would investors and traders choose to use Corner Oaks Group?

Our clients choose us for our evolving, competitive range of commodities that we offer and the long standing tailored personal service that is often overlooked in modern times. We understand the importance of our client's investment portfolio, so whether you are looking to invest in soft commodities, energy or precious metals, our dedicated experts for your chosen investment will be on hand to advise you when you need it most.

What can Corner Oak Group do for you?

Our aim is to provide you with a product that is most suitable for your needs and also fits into your desired risk profile. Corner Oaks Group products can accommodate solutions intended for the lower end of the risk spectrum, along with products that come with greater risk but yield grander returns. The range of products we offer allow you to manage your risk and broaden your portfolio to allow for more speculative investment openings. Whether you are looking for variation, speculation or both, Corner Oaks Group can help you create a tailored portfolio that meets your requirements.

Where are my funds kept?

Your funds will be kept and insured through major U.S. clearing member firms.

How will my funds be secured?

When out of trading and before trading begins your funds are held in client call accounts that are separated from company funds. When in trading the funds are used for the purchase of your chosen physical commodities.

What about the storage of commodities?

As per the Terms of business your physical commodities can be stored globally. When dealing with precious metals, as an option they may be stored by a member of the LBMA and LPPM. Before approved, Corner Oaks Group carries out intensive perseverance, which include financial, security and in depth comprehensive company checks.

What happens in the rare event my commodities are damaged or stolen?

Your commodities are fully insured in the case of events such as damage or theft.

Under what regulation is Corner Oak Group?

We are fully regulated by the SIPC (Securities Investor Protection Corporation) and the FINRA (The Financial Industry Regulatory Authority).

What support do you offer when deciding whether or not to purchase?

Corner Oaks Group offer full support for both the product and the market itself during trading. You will have a dedicated account representative who is an expert in the market you are considering entering, that will be able to provide you with market knowledge as well as a range of risk management options that will allow you to make your decision on your investment.

How about profiting from commodities decreasing?

Absolutely, for all products we have available we allow clients to go long or short.

How can I check to make sure I get the fairest price when I decide to sell?

Before the point of trade all prices will be confirmed with you and will vary from the indicative spot according the agreed spread in the normal market conditions. If the market is volatile then this may result in different sale and bid prices being quoted but all these can be advised by us.

How do you get your competitive prices?

Over the years we have built great relationships with direct access to major physical commodity suppliers which allows us to pursue competitive prices for our clients. We can acquire price quotes for our clients on an almost immediate basis.

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