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Commodity - Energy

Energy commodities affect everyone, and even small fluctuations in price can have a dramatic impact on anything from heating to transport costs.

The Energy Complex


The energy complex is made up of oil, gasoline, natural gas, heating oil and carbon emissions. Energy no matter what its form is used by everyone each day. Unfortunately for us we are rapidly running out of these resources and unless we can slow down consumption, meeting demands will no longer be an option.

Oil, similar to Gold can provide a safe haven characteristic for a portfolio during times of economic instability, political tensions or any other major factor that may otherwise influence the returns on your investment. A good example of when this occurred was during tensions between the Middle East and North Africa which resulted in a spike in oil by over 20% in the space of a month. If there are further issues in these oil rich countries then it's expected that prices will spike again. Special attention should be focused on countries like Saudi Arabia, Iran and countries that lie close to the Suez Canal.

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